70s Bordeaux: Affordable, Approachable, and Delicious

70s Bordeaux: Affordable, Approachable, and Delicious

There is a great consignment of 70s Bordeaux in the January internet auction. We tasted through a few bottles at the office a couple of weeks ago. The wines are fantastic! I love drinking Bordeaux from the 70s. Every time I open a bottle, I wonder why I don’t do so more often. There are a number of appealing factors. First and foremost, the wines are delicious. They are also affordable, approachable, and offer a different perspective on Bordeaux than what many of us are accustomed to.

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The 70s wines are restrained and ready to drink. These are not behemoths that leave you reaching for a piece of bread. They show well right when the cork is popped, but will continue to develop over the course of the day. We opened ’70 Les Forts de Latour here at the office around 2pm. It was a favorite during the tasting, and I brought the rest to dinner that evening. It was still going strong at 7pm. In fact, it was better – especially with food!

I suggest careful review of lots 1 – 100 in our upcoming auction. Other favorites include ’78 Pichon Lalande and ’75 Latour.

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