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Producer Profile: Bruno Giacosa

Bruno Giacosa is a living legend. For almost a century, this third generation winemaker has been producing complex and powerful wines that serve as standard-bearers for both Barolo and Barbaresco. Known for both his modesty and his passionate attention to detail, he continues to forge an inspiring legacy of excellence that will forever impact the appreciation of Italian wines.

Born into the wine business, Bruno Giacosa got his start buying grapes for his family’s winery and subsequently for many of the great Barolo houses. With his immense hands-on experience with growers, he started his own company in 1960 and became a pioneer in 1967 when he introduced single-vineyard bottlings of Barolo and Barbaresco. Highlights of these bottlings include the now legendary Barolo Collina Rionda and the Barbaresco Santo Stefano.

Giacosa-Bruno_BaroloRiserva_RoccheDelFalletto_LabelBruno Giacosa has a rich relationship with the growers of Barolo and Barbaresco, and consequently understands the importance of site selection, but he did not own a single property until 1982 when he finally purchased his first piece of land, Falletto, after decades of trying to acquire it. Located in Serralunga, perhaps the most prestigious of Barolo villages, Falletto has the perfect combination of southwest exposure and calcareous soils to add depth and structure. Wines produced from his own vineyards are destined for the label Azienda Agricola Falletto di Bruno Giacosa, while grapes bought from his network of trusted growers go to towards the no less magnificent Casa Vinicola Bruno Giacosa.

One could call Bruno Giacosa a traditionalist, but that would be a misinterpretation of this multi-dimensional man. He does believe that wines were better in the past, but only because the yields were smaller, the grapes and wine were handled and treated less, and vineyard practices focused more attention on the care of the grapes. This all sounds like the minimal intervention vineyard practices and organic and biodynamic philosophies that are becoming more widespread. With Bruno Giacosa, these ideals were never forgotten and therefore they did not have to be “discovered”. They were already there.

The wines of Bruno Giacosa are truly legendary and the opportunity to indulge in them does not come around every day. Luckily, the HDH retail website has a fantastic selection of his spectacular wines including Collina Rionda, Falletto, and Santo Stefano. Pick up a bottle today – it’ll be the perfect thing to keep you warm as we move into fall. Salute!

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Bruno Giacosa Dinner Recap

Bruno Giacosa Dinner Recap

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