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Juicy Details with David Larson: Titans of White Burgundy

I hope by now you have heard about our December sale. 3401 lots. That is a lot of lots. This is such a spectacular sale on so many levels that it is hard to focus when looking through our titanic catalog. After some serious concentration, a number of things stand out to me. I will share a couple of them with you here: Coche-Dury and Domaine Raveaneau. Between these two giants of Burgundy, we have 152 lots to choose from. So, basically one out of every 22 lots will be from one of these two producers.  I’ll let that sink in for a minute…

RaveneauI would argue you can’t name a Meursault or Chablis producer who can consistently match the greatness of these historic domains. Neither producer needs much of an introduction, so rather than tell you what you already probably know, I will share a few of my tasting notes to whet your appetite. Both producers make wines of great concentration and power, and patience is most certainly required for the wines to reach their apex. This is especially true of the wines from Coche-Dury where the wines can be monolithic in their youth (PSA-decant your young white burgundy!). I have a particular soft spot for Meursault Perrières and Chablis Les Clos (who doesn’t?), so here are a few notes on these incredible vineyards from these incredible producers.

07 Coche-Dury Meursault Perrières – The essence of Perrières – exceptionally pure nose of white flowers, and mouth watering minerality. Palate is  laser sharp and focused with abundant mineral and citrus flavors; the power of the wine is obvious but subtle; remarkably long finish. A truly great wine. (tasted 2/28/13) Lots 2804-05

08 Coche-Dury Meursault Perrières – A bit riper than ’07; remarkably similar nose to the 2007 while also showing a touch of oak. Palate is full of ripe citrus notes, and possesses and incredible spine of acidity; broad but focused with layers of complexity. This wine could be from nowhere else…a testament to terroir! (tasted 3/1/13) Lot 2808

2009 Domaine Raveneau Les Clos – Discreet nose belies a massive palate – a cornucopia of citrus, mineral and white flower notes unfold slowly as the wine opens up and (almost incomprehensibly) gets bigger and bigger (but never ponderous); long, long finish. Superb wine; wait to drink this one. (tasted 3/11/12) Lot 2898

2006 Domaine Raveneau Les Clos – Open, pure and fresh; ripe but not heavy with lush citrus and balancing white flower and mineral notes. Despite it’s rather large scale the wine remains lovely and elegant. This will require less patience than the 2009 (tasted 2/28/13) Lots 2882-83

We have 18 lots each of Coche-Dury Perrières and Raveneau Les Clos (!!) available in our December sale so if these vintages don’t suit your fancy, there are plenty of other options to choose from.


Juicy Details with David Larson: The Wines of Bruno Clair

I like to drink wine. I especially like to drink Burgundy. And when given the choice of a domaine to enjoy, the wines of Bruno Clair are at the very top of my list. I previously worked for many years with the local importer/wholesaler for these wines, and had the opportunity to visit and tasteContinue Reading

Juicy Details with David Larson: Great Wine

What makes a wine great? This question came up last Saturday night following our Celebration of Burgundy sale. I posed it to myself, but that still counts. I asked (myself) this question during the course of our auction, as I had the opportunity to taste a number of very good wines that were opened inContinue Reading

HDH Achieves Outstanding Results at World’s Largest Commercial Burgundy Auction

Hart Davis Hart Witnesses Passionate Global Demand for Region’s Top Wines         We continued our strong performance thus far in 2015 with a 98.4% sold March sale, posting $4.05 million in sales against a pre-auction estimate of $2.7-4.1 million. The sale was the world’s only commercial auction this year devoted exclusively toContinue Reading

Vosne-Romanée & Its Unparalleled Premier Crus

Vosne-Romanée & Its Unparalleled Premier Crus

Few appellations in France can compete with the reputation of Vosne-Romanée. Its wines—particularly the Grand Crus—are the stuff of legends and the stars of countless auctions. Today, I’d like to take some time to explore this celebrated appellation, and to look specifically at how its unique composition and classification scheme make it not only oneContinue Reading

Burgundy market continues to boom, HDH leads the worldwide Burgundy explosion with yet another Burgundy only auction

Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. is pleased to announce our annual “Celebration of Burgundy,” the largest Burgundy only auction in the world for the third year running. This special 1,440 lot sale will be held on March 28th in Chicago and is estimated to fetch $2,747,040-$4,103,630. With worldwide demand for Burgundy at an all-time high,Continue Reading

Juicy Details with David Larson: Domaine Roulot

Do you like wine with energy and precision? Not afraid of acidity and minerality? Like your wine to come from one of the greatest winemakers in Burgundy, if not the world? Then the Meursaults from Jean-Marc Roulot are for you. Much has been written about this great estate, so rather than focus on facts andContinue Reading

Juicy Details with David Larson: Morey St. Denis – The Forgotten Village

Juicy Details with David Larson: Morey St. Denis – The Forgotten Village

Clos de la Roche. Clos St Denis . Clos de Lambrays. Clos de Tart. All Grand Crus you’ve probably heard of. How about premier crus Les Millandes,  Les Faconnières, or Les Chenevery? Maybe not so much? They all have one thing in common: they all lie in the commune of Morey St Denis, one ofContinue Reading

HDH Wine Co Presents: An Auction of Finest and Rarest Wines on December 12th and 13th

HDH Wine Co Presents: An Auction of Finest and Rarest Wines on December 12th and 13th

We will wrap up 2014 with a thrilling auction of finest and rarest wines on December 12th and 13th at Chicago’s award-winning TRU restaurant. This exciting two-day sale will consist of over 2,250 lots and is estimated to achieve $4.7-$7.0 million. The December auction will feature a panoply of old world gems with a strongContinue Reading

Lieu-Dit: The Naming of a Place

Lieu-Dit: The Naming of a Place

First, I have a confession to make. For more years than I care to admit (this isn’t a full confession), I thought I knew all there was to know about the French wine label. I had it all figured out. I knew all the regions, the appellations, the producers, I even knew the specific namesContinue Reading

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