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Hart Davis Hart Mobile App

In March of 2015, we released our industry-leading bidding app, which has been an integral part of every HDH auction since. If you have yet to utilize the app, we’d highly recommend that you download it to your iOS and/or Android devices prior to our first live auction of the year on February 10th and 11th. We understand that not everyone has the time to attend the auctions in person or even sit down at the computer to comb through the auction and place bids, which is why we’ve developed this industry-leading technology. Using the app means you never have to miss an auction again. You can quickly and easily place bids from anywhere in the world – from the golf course, to the board room.

Phone imaggeThose who prefer to place bids prior to a sale can effortlessly search by producer, lot number, vintage, price, or category and find detailed information on each lot. Once a bid has been placed, it can be adjusted at any time up until the lot is opened. You can also quickly and easily submit “either/or” bids online—a function that no other wine auction house currently offers. Once the sale begins, users can track their bids by selecting “My Bid Sheet” to view all the bids you have placed, which lots you have won, a running total of your winnings. When a lot you’ve bid on in advance of the auction opens for live bidding, the system will display your bidding status. If you have the highest bid when a lot opens, you will be able to see that you are winning; if you are outbid, the system will then allow you to raise your bid. If you haven’t placed any absentee bids, you can jump in at any time once the lot is open—just as though you were sitting in the auction room in Chicago. Mobile bidding allows for ultimate flexibility. Participants in the auction are no longer suck on the phone or computer; they can bid on the go with the swipe to bid function.

As we kick off 2017, Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. is not only the #1 wine auction house in the U.S., but also the leader for auction technology, with a bidding platform that is more sophisticated than anything our competitors are currently offering. We are thrilled to be able to provide this fantastic new technology to our clients as a part of our commitment to superior service.


• Bid live from your mobile device
• Easily track live and absentee bids—view the sale in real time and see lots you’ve won at a glance.
• View live streaming video and/or listen to audio of the auction in progress
• Adjust absentee bids at any time before the lot opens for sale. Once the lot is open, you can continue to bid if you are outbid.
• Place “either/or” bids online

70s Bordeaux: Affordable, Approachable, and Delicious

70s Bordeaux: Affordable, Approachable, and Delicious

There is a great consignment of 70s Bordeaux in the January internet auction. We tasted through a few bottles at the office a couple of weeks ago. The wines are fantastic! I love drinking Bordeaux from the 70s. Every time I open a bottle, I wonder why I don’t do so more often. There areContinue Reading

HDH’s Massive Three-Day December Sale

HDH’s Massive Three-Day December Sale

Auction Features over 4,000 Lots Valued at $6.3-9.4 Million Hart Davis Hart Wine Co., the #1 wine auction house in the U.S. and renowned wine retailer, will hold its final auction of 2016 on December 15th, 16th and 17th at Chicago’s TRU restaurant. This massive three-day sale features 4,324 lots valued at an estimated $6.3-9.4 million. HDH’s December auctionContinue Reading

HDH’s Largest Celebration of Burgundy Sale to Date Achieves Outstanding Results

HDH’s Largest Celebration of Burgundy Sale to Date Achieves Outstanding Results

100% Sold Auction brings in $5.65 million Hart Davis Hart, America’s top wine auction house, continued its strong performance with a 100% sold April sale, posting $5.65 million in sales against a pre-auction estimate of $3.8-5.7 million. This auction was the world’s only commercial auction this year devoted exclusively to Burgundy, and featured one ofContinue Reading

Juicy Details with David Larson: Titans of White Burgundy

I hope by now you have heard about our December sale. 3401 lots. That is a lot of lots. This is such a spectacular sale on so many levels that it is hard to focus when looking through our titanic catalog. After some serious concentration, a number of things stand out to me. I willContinue Reading

Producer Profile: Bruno Giacosa

Bruno Giacosa is a living legend. For almost a century, this third generation winemaker has been producing complex and powerful wines that serve as standard-bearers for both Barolo and Barbaresco. Known for both his modesty and his passionate attention to detail, he continues to forge an inspiring legacy of excellence that will forever impact theContinue Reading

Hart Davis Hart’s May Auction Achieves Remarkable $6.2 Million

Record Number of Bidders Vied for Gems from Virtually Every Wine and Spirit Region (May 18, 2015—Chicago, IL) – Hart Davis Hart Wine Co., the internationally renowned wine auction house and retailer, continued its success in 2015 with a tremendous May auction that brought in a total $6.2 million against pre-sale estimates of $4.3-$6.4 million. HeldContinue Reading

HDH Achieves Outstanding Results at World’s Largest Commercial Burgundy Auction

Hart Davis Hart Witnesses Passionate Global Demand for Region’s Top Wines         We continued our strong performance thus far in 2015 with a 98.4% sold March sale, posting $4.05 million in sales against a pre-auction estimate of $2.7-4.1 million. The sale was the world’s only commercial auction this year devoted exclusively toContinue Reading

Burgundy market continues to boom, HDH leads the worldwide Burgundy explosion with yet another Burgundy only auction

Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. is pleased to announce our annual “Celebration of Burgundy,” the largest Burgundy only auction in the world for the third year running. This special 1,440 lot sale will be held on March 28th in Chicago and is estimated to fetch $2,747,040-$4,103,630. With worldwide demand for Burgundy at an all-time high,Continue Reading

Juicy Details with David Larson: Domaine Roulot

Do you like wine with energy and precision? Not afraid of acidity and minerality? Like your wine to come from one of the greatest winemakers in Burgundy, if not the world? Then the Meursaults from Jean-Marc Roulot are for you. Much has been written about this great estate, so rather than focus on facts andContinue Reading

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