Juicy Details with David Larson: Domaine Roulot


Lot 435: 2009 Meursault, Les Perrieres, Domaine Roulot (3L)

Do you like wine with energy and precision? Not afraid of acidity and minerality? Like your wine to come from one of the greatest winemakers in Burgundy, if not the world? Then the Meursaults from Jean-Marc Roulot are for you. Much has been written about this great estate, so rather than focus on facts and figures I would rather talk about the wines themselves. Having been afforded the opportunity to taste many bottles from Roulot over the years, I can honestly say there are few white wines that I would choose over them; though great Reislings do give them a run for their money.

The greatness of the estate is most evident in the estate’s village level Meursault lieu-dit bottlings. These village level vineyards regularly have more energy and complexity than many producers’ premier crus and the purity of the wines can be breathtaking (I’m looking at you 2007 vintage). From the racy Tillets to the more generous Luchets, these lieu-dit wines should be on the short list for any wine lover to try. That’s not to say the premier cru should be taken for granted – the Perrières is a reference point for greatness and rarely fails to leave me speechless.

As Burgundy’s popularity continues to increase around the globe, the wines of Domaine Roulot are becoming increasingly hard to find. We are lucky to have a fantastic cache of these wines in our upcoming Celebration of Burgundy Auction. Place your bids early to get your hands on this truly superb Meursault!


In this HDH Blog series, Juicy Details, Senior Consignment Operations Associate, David Larson, delves deeper into the world of wine. Whether he’s discussing soil types of specific vineyards, laws within different appellations, or the weather of a certain region, these fascinating tidbits of knowledge help lift the veil on fine and rare wines and reveal what sets the best wines apart from the rest.

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