Let Me Be Direct: Château-Direct Consignments

Let Me Be Direct: Château-Direct Consignments

The words provenance and storage are probably the two most important words we use at Hart Davis Hart. They are so closely tied together around our offices that they are almost one word. Provenanceandstorage.  When Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. is deciding whether to offer wine for sale, the provenance and storage are the first things we consider, and they both need to be impeccable. So here is where I will be direct-you will not find better provenance and storage than what is on offer in our upcoming ‘A Celebration of Bordeaux’ auction on October 30th and 31st.

There is no greater evidence of our obsession with ‘provenanceandstorage’ than the opening 314 lots of our sale. No less than 24 of the greatest Château in Bordeaux, including Léoville-Las-CasesMouton Rothschild, and La Mission Haut Brion,  have honored us with consignments for this remarkable sale. These wines have been sent to us specifically for this auction directly from each Château. Which is to say that until they were received by Hart Davis Hart for inspection for this sale, the wines are been resting (comfortably I’m sure) in the cellars where they were born. You will find no better provenance.  You will find no better storage. Every lot is in its original wooden case and several bottles have been recorked and relabeled at the chateaux. Many of these lots come with the latest safety measures and seals to leave no doubt about their authenticity.

While all the lots are worthy or you attention, and more than a few are truly exceptional, I want to point out a few personal favorites (we are being direct after all). I have visited Bordeaux many times in my career, but only once have I attended the Union des Grand Cru en primeur week. Fortuitously it was to taste the 2000 vintage, so it is with fond memories that I point out some highlights that we have on offer from that memorable vintage:

LynchBages2000mags_wOwc2000 Lynch-Bages, lots 230-236. The greatest value in Paulliac without a doubt. This wine is just starting to hit its stride. I’ll take the magnums thank you.

2000 Cos d’Estournel, lots 42-46. Along with Château Montrose, the standard bearer for St-Estèphe. All the power of the commune, but the always present exotic aromatics make this wine special. The Château has presented an incredible selection of formats to choose from.

2000 Léoville-Las-Cases, lot 161. Most consider this the finest wine of St. Julien, and who I am to argue. This wine displays all the concentration and purity that are hallmarks of the 2000 vintage. You will need to invite a few friends over to enjoy this lot.

The sale is fast approaching, so bid now on these and other fantastic château-direct wines in our second annual Celebration of Bordeaux.

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