Producer Profile: Château Latour

Producer Profile: Château Latour

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“The wine produced here has been an impeccable model of consistent excellence, in great, mediocre, and poor vintages. For that reason, many have long considered Latour to be the Medoc’s finest wine….Latour remains one of the most concentrated, rich, tannic, and full-bodied wines in the world…” World’s Greatest Wine Estates, Robert Parker Jr.

While many of today’s famous wine estates were only farms in the Middle Ages, the land that comprises Château Latour’s estate has been growing wine as far back as the fourteenth century. Initially part of aLatour Tower feudal estate, the land proved its ability to produce wines of notable quality over several centuries’ harvests, and was one of the first estates to be carefully selected and purchased specifically for its winegrowing capabilities in the 1600s. Latour gradually earned a reputation among fledgling connoisseurs (including Thomas Jefferson) throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, leading to its classification as a First Growth in 1855.

The wines of Château Latour are known for their incredible depth, precision, and unvaryingly high quality. A great deal of this brilliance can be attributed to a special area at its vineyards’ core known as L’Enclos. This parcel of soil features a unique, contrasting combination of challenging, coarse gravel and rich, nurturing sub-soil. The topmost layer provides drainage during heavy rains, while layers of clay hold moisture deep in the subsoil and Cellar 2quench the vines’ roots, protecting against drought. For these reasons, Latour has a long-standing reputation of consistency and excellence even in vintages where other First Growths struggle.

Latour wines have a history of being slow-developing, but a few decades of cellaring reveal wines of superb complexity, body and power. Once mature, the wines show incredible longevity.

Our retail stock currently features 19 different vintages of Latour spanning 1945 through 2010.

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