Raveneau Tasting at MK in Chicago

Raveneau Tasting at MK in Chicago

On Friday night, HDH hosted an exceptional tasting of 14 wines from the legendary Chablis producer, Francois Raveneau. The private room at MK Restaurant was the perfect space for the tasting and Chef Erick Williams himself manned the raw bar, popping open oyster after delicious oyster to pair alongside the wines. It’s safe to say that, for the Raveneau enthusiast, MK was the place to be on Friday night.

Domaine Francois Raveneau is widely known as the best producer in Chablis. The Domaine does not make a lot of wine. In fact, their vineyards cover only 9.3 hectares and yields are extremely low. The consistency and quality of the Domaine was obvious to all who attended the tasting; truly all of the wines were showing beautifully and there was really no slouch among the 14 bottles opened. Of course, there were a few wines that stood out from the rest. Favorites included the 1998 Valmur, 2007 Butteaux, 2008 Blanchots and 1999 Clos.

Here was the full line-up:

  • Les Clos, Raveneau: 2007, 2005, 1999
  • Blanchots, Raveneau: 2009, 2008, 1995
  • Butteaux, Raveneau: 2009, 2007, 2005
  • Les Chapelots, Raveneau: 2009, 2006, 2005
  • Valmur, Raveneau: 2007, 2003, 1998


At the Clos table the newest member of our Retail staff, Philippe Andre, described the 1999 Clos as having ‘…a wide band of depth and complexity. Showing some age and then transitioning to a really interesting dried tropical fruit component.. it reminded me of childhood “tutti fruitti” fruit snacks (shark bites) but then you would also get a glimpse of fresh bright yellow citrus fruit accompanied by creek pebbles as well during the nearly 30 second finish.. an incredible experience!”


The opportunity to learn about Chapelot was particularly interesting to me. This tiny parcel within Montee de Tonnerre is just .3 hectares. The two vintages we tasted from Chapelot were noticeably elegant and complex.

photo 2

There really isn’t a better pairing for Raveneau than oysters. The soil in Chablis is rich with fossilized oyster shells.The brine and salinity of the oysters brings out the same qualities in the wines. However, I also found the creaminess of the Hama Hamas created an interesting juxtaposition to the crisp acidity of the wines.

photo 1

A great recap about the tasting can be found here on the Wine Berserkers site where Matt writes up though tasting notes for each of the wines. Thanks Matt! It was wonderful to see our friends and experience these exceptional wines together; I wish we could do it all over again this Friday!

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