What is HDH Drinking Today?

What is HDH Drinking Today?

One of the great joys of learning about wine is finding that value bottle of wine that will knock your socks off, and potentially your friends’ too.  I have had the good fortune of spending the last 7+ years at HDH.  In that time, I have learned a little something about wine, so I thought I would share with you some of the value wines that I have enjoyed most over the last few months… and even years for some!

2008-2010 Burgundy

Leflaive_MaconVerze_beautyBelieve it or not, there are great values in these wines.  Consider the production for vintages the past few years: The 2011 vintage was 2/3 of the production of the 2010 vintage and the 2012 vintage was 2/3 of the 2011 vintage.  With such scant production over the last few vintages, the 2008s and the much-heralded 2009s and 2010s have become truly value wines.

For whites, the 2006 Chablis, Vaillons from Fevre is probably the best value white we have in our inventory at only $36/b.  I also love the 2010 Macon-Verze from Domaine Leflaive (how can you go wrong with Leflaive?!?!)  I am also a very big fan of the 2010 AC Chassagne from Jadot… great for your first BBQs of the summer.

For reds, I have been drinking the 2008 1er Crus from Fourrier, Meo-Camuzet, and Lignier, 2009 AC-wines from Remoissenet, Lafarge, and Chevillon, and the 2010 Bourgogne Rouge from Claude Dugat, which is a fantastic wine at under $50/b.

German Riesling
Sharzhofberger Vineyard

Sharzhofberger Vineyard

There are a number of us on staff that share my love for German Riesling from QbA to TBA.  In particular, I have a fondness for younger Kabinetts and Spätleses from Prum, Donhoff, and Egon Müller.  I know that these are not necessarily “value producers,” but I would argue that the quality of the juice that they put into the bottle makes these wines a value at $25-$45/b.  We have a number of these wines still in stock and even the 2012s are drinking fabulously right now.

Grower Champagne

ClouetGrandReserveBrutThis is perhaps my favorite value category.  I can’t say enough about how much fantastic Champagne is coming from small growers in the region these days.  While there seems to be a new one popping up every day that is “the next Anselme Selosse,” these three producers are my favorite and have been producing killer bubbles under their own names for quite some: André Clouet, Michel Arnould, and Marguet.  These producers’ NV Bruts all retail for under $50/b; to boot we have Mags, single-vineyard wines, and tête de cuvées at under $100/b.

Other Interesting Finds

Troglodyte Caves at Clau de Nell2011 Anjou Cabernet Franc from Clau de Nell (Anne Claude Leflaive)

One quick note on a very cool wine that I have had a few times over the last 6 months and is finally coming around and drinking beautifully…this is Anne Claude Leflaive’s relatively new property in Anjou.  This is the second vintage and only 3,000 bottles of this wine were imported into the US.  I had wine last weekend with Thai food and it was great, but this is another wine that I would drink at a BBQ.  Make sure it is cellar temperature for maximum enjoyment.

All of these wines can be purchased on our site by clicking the links above, but If you have further questions about any of the wines I listed above, please contact our retail department at sales@hdhwine.com. Our team would be more than happy to help you find the right wine for any occasion.

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